Koleksi Film
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2014
Tekken – Blood Vengeance2011
Texas Chainsaw2013
The 5th Wave2016
The ABCs of Death2012
The ABCs of Death 22014
The Amityville Horror2005
The Awakening2011
The Bank Job2008
The Bay2012
The Blair Witch Project1999
The Cabin In The Woods2012
The Caller2011
The Cat2011
The Cave2005
The Chronicles of Riddick2004
The Clinic2010
The Collection2012
The Collector2009
The Colony2013
The Condemned2007
The Conjuring2013
The Core2003
The Crazies2010
The Darkest Hour2011
The Day2011
The Demned2013
The Descent2005
The Descent 22009
The Dinosaur Project2012
The Equalizer2014
The Expendables 32014
The Eye2008
The Fast and Furious2001
The Fast and Furious 22003
The Fast and Furious 3 – Tokyo Drift2006
The Fast and Furious 42009
The Fast and Furious 52011
The Fast and Furious 62013
The Fast and Furious 72015
The Ghostmaker2011
The Happening2008
The Hills Have Eyes2006
The Hills Have Eyes II2007
The Hitcher2007
The Hole2009
The Human Race2013
The Hunger Games2012
The Hunger Games 22013
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 12014
The Incite Mill – 7 Day Death Game (Inshite miru 7-kakan no desu gemu)2010
The Innkeepers2011
The Island2005
The Italian Job2003
The Jacket2005
The Karate Kid2010
The Last House on The Left2009
The Lazarus Effect2015
The Little Rascals1994
The Maze Runner2014
The Mechanic2011
The Messengers2007
The Midnight Meat Train2008
The Mist2007
The November Man2014
The Objective2008
The Pact2012
The Possession2012
The Purge2013
The Purge 2 – Anarchy2014
The Raid2011
The Raid 2 – Brandal2014
The Raven2012
The Remaining2014
The Ring2002
The Ring Two2005
The Ruins2008
The Seasoning House2012
The Second Sight2013
The Shrine2010
The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge Out of Water2015
The Starving Games2013
The Tall Man2012
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre2003
The Thaw2009
The Thing1982
The Tortured2010
The Tournament2009
The Tower2012
The Transporter2002
The Transporter 22005
The Transporter 32008
The Tunnel2011
The Ward2010
The Warriors1979
The Wicked2013
The Zombie Diaries2006
The Zombie Diaries 22011
They Nest2000
Thor – The Dark World2013
Time Lapse2014
Time Traveller2010
Tomie Unlimited2011
Total Recall2012
Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen2009
Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon2011
Trick ‘r Treat2007
Truth or Dare2012
Under The Bed2012
Urban Explorer2011
V For Vendetta2005
Vehicle 192013
Vertige a.k.a High Lane2009
VHS Viral2014
Wall E2008
White House Down2013
Wild Card2015
Wood Job2014
World War Z2013
Wrong Turn 12003
Wrong Turn 22007
Wrong Turn 32009
Wrong Turn 42011
Wrong Turn 5 – Bloodlines2012
Wrong Turn 6 – Last Resort2014
You’re The Next2011
Zombie Land2009
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